In September 2011, Events Industry leaders met at the Global Event Summit and decided to create an industry cause – Events for Namuwongo is that cause.

About the community

Poverty, chronic malnutrition, polluted water, drug abuse, sexual exploitation, AIDS, a derelict sanitation system and an average wage of just 20p a day… This is real life in Namuwongo, a slum community of up to 30,000 people living near Kampala, Uganda.

In spite of their life-threatening living conditions, the inhabitants are hard working, energetic people, striving to solve their own problems and improve their lives. By supporting Events for Namuwongo, you can help them do that.

Events for Namuwongo works with the community to facilitate real change – and build a long-lasting friendship with the community in the process. Find out more about our mission.

Hope for Children

The Events for Namuwongo Board

The Events For Namuwongo Steering Committee