Summer party 2016

The events industry gathered for a summer party in June with many leaders committing their support to the charity for the next 3 years. The event took place in Marlow with plenty of fun and entertainement.

Wonga for Water for Wongo Day

Thank you so, so much. Your incredible generosity helped to raise over £10,000 on Wonga for Water for Wongo Day - if you include the incredible fundraising initiatives held since Namuwongo Night 2013 then it’s even more!  Now we’ll put it to work transforming lives in Namuwongo.


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A Few of Our Fundraisers

A big thank you to all our fundraisers! Here are just a few of the people who competed and got creative in the name of Namuwongo!

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Life in Namuwongo

Meet a few of the inhabitants of Namuwongo - and discover what life is like in this Ugandan community...

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Work On The Ground

Work has begun in Namuwongo - and the changes already made are saving lives. Take a look at our before and after shots and see for yourself what a difference a donation can make...

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